How It All Started – The Backstory

We’ve loved each one of our trips, whether that be a domestic long weekend or a lengthier trip abroad. One thing that always rang true at the end of each adventure was how quickly the time passed and how renewed we each felt after the experience. A common trend was how quickly that powerful energy dissipated once we were back to the 9-5 life. While we enjoyed our respective careers, it never felt like the break was long enough to fully reset.

While living in CA, we enjoyed the proximity to some beautiful sites. By contrast to that pleasure, we really dreaded the cost and distance to visit friends and family back east. Proximity was becoming more and more important to us. (Not that we need to be a stone’s throw away, but a couple of hours by plane/train/automobile would be preferable.) We searched in earnest for job opportunities to bring us back east, but after many months without any promising leads, we started to discuss taking matters into our own hands.

Fast forward to June 2016. We were in town visiting family in New England for my grandfather’s 90th birthday. In addition to the party, we got to spend a rare and entire day with my sister and her husband – who are about to strike out on an adventure of their own – sailing!

Shortly thereafter, the wheels started turning and the conversations between the two of us started flowing fast and furiously. Could we do a landlubber version…our own adventure? How quickly could we assess the feasibility and put together an action plan? If we were going to relocate back east on our own dime, why not have it be on our own time[line] as well?

As we assessed the pros and cons, there were some additional personal circumstances arising close to us that further enhanced the urgency of our plan.  Tomorrow isn’t promised. How would we feel if we let this window pass us by and it never came around again?

More to come on how we answered the questions above and more…


4 thoughts on “How It All Started – The Backstory

  1. You both will never regret making this journey, but had you not taken it… would forever have the thought of what if….


    1. Shana, that’s exactly the primary driver for this adventure of ours. We’ve played it safe for many of our years and just couldn’t overlook this relo as a prime opportunity to take a little extra time to really take in the places we’d be passing through!


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