Houla on the Move

Now that I’ve had a little time to reflect on our adventure so far, I can fill you all in on a few details. Trust me, I’ve got the *real* scoop!

The rental house in Concord was pure chaos those last few days. Boxes everywhere, and I tried to get my people to play, but they were rushing around and getting in each other’s way. They got in my way too a few times too if I’m being honest – which I always am. They kept disappearing into this rectangular box parked in front of the house, and each time they did they brought more and more of our stuff from the house to the box. Even my dog bed (which I rarely use except when I need to think) was brought out to the box. They were definitely up to something…

Dad kept making runs to the dump (ah, those smells when he came back!) and every time he left, mom would tackle a new room with stinky cleaner and gloves. He kept telling her to stop cleaning and she kept saying something about making sure we got back our entire deposit to help fund our adventure.

They’ve been using that word a lot lately, but I’m still not 100% sure what it means. When they say it after the word “go”, I really perk up. “Go” always means something fun. Scratch that, sometimes  times they trick me with “go for a ride” and we end up at the vet. I like the ladies there that give me treats – but they also stick me with stuff and touch me all over. Anyone ever heard of personal space?!?

After what seemed like the longest day ever, we connected the rectangular box to our Jeep and they used that “go for a ride” sentence again.  Yahoo! They won’t admit to it, but they both seemed a little nervous and more than a little frazzled. They kept talking about how we were running late and several hours past targeted departure. I’m not sure what all that was about but we were in the Jeep for many hours and I got to smell many smells – way more than usual.



3 thoughts on “Houla on the Move

  1. I never knew Caira was such a wordsmith! The pictures are beautiful but I am sure not doing justice to what you are seeing, and sniffing. I will be a daily follower as I am living vicariously through you.


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