Eureka! We’ve arrived…

Hi All! Caira again – trying to catch everyone up from our last few stops to bring you (and this blog) current.

If you read my last entry, Houla on the Move, you understood just how long that first travel day was for me. It was a streeeeeetch of my patience for sure. Normal rides (or what my humans spell as R-I-D-E when they think they’re pulling a fast one on me) are about 2-3 hours. That’s my sweet spot. Anyhou[la, see what I did there??], we all arrived safe & sound. However, it was dark already, which made my normal routine of finding the perfect spot to “go” a little tough. We all crashed hard into bed that night, even though it felt strange to be sleeping in the rectangular box.

When morning came, I got to go on what mom calls a Sniff-ari, and man was it awesome to smell all of the different smells. I really got the gist of who was who and who’d been there before us – left my mark as well. Dad was pretty patient, but as with all good things, they come to an end eventually.

While in Eureka we (mom) drove along what my people referred to as The Avenue of the Giants. They randomly decided to pull off here and there and we did some exploring. Can I tell you how massive those huge trees were? There was an eerie, peaceful quiet to the place though that my people seemed to really dig. Speaking of digging, I wasn’t allowed to – but that’s ok by me. Whenever we stopped for a good stretch, they gave me water and a chance to “go” before I hopped back in and we were on to the next location. Though I’m not so sure about the long travel days, these shorter ones where we get to explore a lot and then end up back at the same place we started that morning seem like lots of fun!

One more thing about the rectangular box: Since it is so much smaller than the rental house in Concord, I can keep an eye on my people pretty much everywhere they go. Well, except when they “go”, if you know what I mean. That closed door is a pretty clear signal. I’ve claimed the couch, which is sometimes just enough for me and one of my humans but other times they pull it out so all three of us can snuggle in the evenings – that’s my favorite way to wind down from the day.


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