Glorious Astoria and The Coyote Cowards

Driving through Portland into coastal Oregon, there wasn’t a lot to see. But man oh man, when we got there, it was an entirely different story! We stayed several nights at an RV park that was bordered on three sides by a creek, and just over that creek was a wide open field where a herd of elk tended to frequent. We didn’t get to see them up close since they were mid field, but they were still pretty magnificent through the camera’s long lens. Side note: I’m really looking forward to checking out the pics we’ve taken on the “good” camera because everything we’ve posted so far has been off the iPhone.

While exploring the area, we checked out Ft Stevens (awesome beach with the wreck of the Peter Iredale) and the Astoria tower (quick workout with all those stairs and an amazing view at the top!). We also got to check out Ecola State Park and the Cannon and Indian Beach areas. The vibe was relaxed and the area was open and welcoming to pups, which gave ours the opportunity to open up and run on the mostly deserted coastline. Confession Time: Our guilty indulgence was Tillamook for some seriously delicious ice cream (well worth the stop).

One night, while hanging out fireside next to our camper, we heard the sound of quite a few coyotes yipping and howling. Their excitement escalated and the sounds grew closer – quite close in fact. Judge us if you must, but since we were blind on one side with the creek and field, we opted to shift venues and head into the camper for the remainder of the evening. Our rational brains knew coyotes are unlikely to mess with people, but we just couldn’t shake the concern about their proximity and overall numbers. They did, however, sound like they were having one hell of a party, so good for them!


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