Port Orchard Reunion

This entry is out of order due to a technical snafu that wasn’t able to be rectified, but this stop occurred prior to Majestic Montana for those of you following our stops chronologically.

I met Mary Allison 21 years ago on the first day of freshman year (hs). She’s been one of my closest friends, confidant, challenger, and supporter ever since. Despite having many miles between us geographically, we’ve managed to be there for most of each other’s milestones over the years, even though the trips are typically brief. This RV trip of ours presented a great opportunity to squeeze in another long awaited visit!

We arrived on Saturday evening, in a deluge of rain, and Mike kindly took on the setup in front of the Brown’s house, while Caira and I took shelter in their living room. Let the hug-fest commence! Regarding the rain, I’ll note it took the RV about a week to dry out properly, which is largely due to an engineering flaw that causes runoff to dump right over the cargo area, soaking Mike’s backside as he’s hunting for his tools.

We had planned to use the RV for sleeping, but would otherwise be staying with Mary Allison, Travis, and their girls, all of whom were incredibly gracious with sharing their space both with us and with Caira. It was a great little break from the RV (hello hot showers with enough longevity to shave!). Caira got her share of attention and then some – both girls were amazing with her and she even made “friends” with one of their cats, much to our surprise.

Our time with the Browns included lots of fun family activities and quality time with the girls, a visit to Seattle to hit Pike Place Market (we are tourists after all!), a great seafood lunch, and some interesting exhibits at the EMP (see photos) where the girls got to rock out (in soundproof booths). The day after, Travis and Mike had an agenda of their own while we enjoyed a girls only day before regrouping for dinner all together that evening. Our last day in town went quickly, involving hugs and high fives, tears and tantrums (Mike??) park fun, delicious sushi and a riveting game of monopoly that Travis monopolized with his real estate mogul skills.

There was also a brief run in with their HOA sheriff (actually a nice guy), who kindly inquired when we were headed out. He seemed satisfied that it was the following morning and no further drama ensued. Well played Brown family, well played! Love you bunches.


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