Hoodoo Voodoo – Exploring some of Utah’s Natural Wonders

The path we carved out from WY through UT included stops in Ogden, Green River, and Panguich. While we had certain parks in mind for each area we stayed, our travel days between them were filled with terrain that was pretty lovely in its own right!

In Ogden, we explored Antelope Island, taking in the Great Salt Lake as well as bison and coyote sightings. Caira’s nose got a great workout, both while thrust outside the jeep window, as well as on a short hike to the tip top of a large hill with 360 degree views of the lake and bison grazing lands.

In Green River, we explored Arches National Park and drove through the La Sal Mountains. We allowed a day each, knowing that Caira was restricted to paved paths in Arches, so our explorations would be a bit limited. I’d read that the visitor center lends audio tours for a $5 refundable deposit, which was a great way to both pace ourselves and hear more about the park and some of its highlighted features. The only drawback to having rented the audio was that it was due back by their closing at 5:30, so we didn’t get a chance to take in sunset on the arches.  On our second day, we did a loop through the La Sal Mountains (which were visible in the distance the previous day from Arches), and though it was a rough ride most of the day terrain wise, the views were well worth the trouble. Since it was a weekday, we shared the road with only a few occasional other travelers and a few cows (open range).

In Panguich, we got the opportunity to check out Bryce Canyon, which was high on my list of must sees. We set out a little later, planning on catching sunset this time around. Though the views didn’t vary as drastically at Bryce as they did throughout Arches, the hoodoo features were stunning, even on what was a relatively cloudy day. As we drove and walked about the park that afternoon, we caught an abbreviated portion of a rainbow, which then later revealed its full self as we gazed out from our last viewpoint at sunset. Serendipity at its finest!


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