Catahoula Meets Cowboy in Wickenburg

We took the 3:10 to Yuma (kidding, that’s a movie reference Mike came up with) for a one night stay, then two nights in Congress, near Wickenburg (aka Cowboy Town). The town was preparing for the holidays and setting up lights, but it was otherwise pretty quiet. We had an urgent errand…whole bean coffee. Judge if you must! After securing coffee, which is essential to our operations, we roamed freely about the town to check out the sculptures, parks, and informational plaques. All around town were bronze cast and/or colorful, life size replications of the wild and life in the area. These replicas ranged from snakes to horses to an extra large cowboy who fooled Caira into a state of uneasy caution on her initial approach.

The Hassayampa Riverwalk was just outside town, and though we walked and walked, there was no river to be found. We never did find out why, but suspect drought conditions affected more than just CA.


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