Rocking Away At Rockhound Park (NM)

As we drove along I-10, we saw a few signs warning “zero visibility possible”, which raised our eyebrows a bit. The skies were clear and wind was minimal (just how we like our tow days!), so we quickly moved our attention toward navigating to our destination.

Just south of Deming, nestled amongst the Little Florida Mountains in NM is a state park called Rockhound, which would be our home for the next couple of days. This park is unique in that they actually encourage visitors to look for the agates and quartz crystals found in the area. Park rangers can assist campers with identifying what they’ve found, and in most cases, visitors can keep what they find (a rarity). We didn’t happen upon any special stones, but the views from the park were reward enough. The sites were spacious and with limited light pollution, those evening stars were amazing!

On our second night, the wind picked up to about 25 mph and was really rocking the trailer around – movement enough that both Caira and I had some trouble sleeping. Mike, on the other hand, must have been rocked religiously as a tot, because he slept like a baby. As it turns out, what isn’t much of a big deal during the day can sort of distort the senses a little at night! 

The following morning started a little earlier than normal and as we were consuming our daily dose of caffeine, we noticed a thick dust storm rolling in from afar and it seemed to just swallow everything in its path. Our planned morning hike was now on hold. We checked the forecast and saw that wind speeds of 25-40 mph with gusts over 50 were expected that evening, prompting me to begin researching online and reaching out to a veteran camper (my aunt) to find out what additional safety precautions we might need to take.  Awning was in, antenna was down, and any loose items tucked away, all of which were common sense. Luckily for us, the winds that evening never reached expected speeds, so we didn’t need any extra safeguards like hitching back up. It had largely dissipated before our departure the following morning, enabling a more comfortable, safe environment in which to tow to our next location.


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